Open Virtual Exchange Journeys

Each of these kid-friendly journeys follows the experiences of a stand-out Reach the World traveler as they dive head-first into an exciting new country and culture. Read about a traveler’s journey and then meet them in-person on a video call! All upcoming video calls will be announced on our Events page and will be livestreamed on Reach the World’s YouTube channel. Simply refresh that page at the time of the scheduled call, and you’ll be able to join the fun–for free! Read the traveler’s published journey beforehand and then ask them your questions via the YouTube chat bar.

Open In-Country Virtual Exchange Journeys

Want to join a traveler who is currently abroad as they explore a new place? Pick one or more of these open virtual exchanges and join the journey as it’s happening! Starting April 13th, each traveler will publish one new article per week on their journey homepage and participate in live video calls where your curious children can ask him/her questions. This is an extraordinary opportunity to forge a positive, personal connection with a traveler and learn a lot about a new country and culture. The video call schedule will be posted weekly on our Events page.

Ready for an Adventure? Go on a Virtual Expedition!

Join any of these on-demand expedition exchanges, representing some of the most fascinating adventures we’ve gone on to-date. Each expedition includes many student-friendly articles covering every aspect of in-the-field research and exploration. Students can get to know these explorers through their first-person stories, and then watch recorded video calls with the explorers themselves!

Virtual Show & Tell with Reach the World!

Make it a part of your at-home learning routine to join us daily at 2:00 p.m. Eastern for Show & Tell! Each day, a member of our global education community will share objects, compelling photos or other Show & Tell-worth items that come with a great global story. You never know where in the world these 30-minute sessions will take you! All Show & Tell events will be livestreamed on Reach the World’s YouTube channel. Watch past Show & Tell sessions here and stay tuned for upcoming events!

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